Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Week 7- Arcs and Path of Action

In this exercise, we finally got to really put some character into it! Say hello to Tailor, a cool, simple ball character with a tail. This week, we focused on all the principles we've went through so far this quarter. We just added character and story to it! I didn't even touch the tail until I got the right movement down with his main body so I didn't get lost. Hope ya like!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Week 6- Pendulum

Okay Week 6 and our exercise was focused on overlapping action. You remember physics class right?! Well this isn't far off. We learned that with other things are going to be affected my the main-driving force. In this case, the block was the driving force. Where ever he goes, the rest go. But they never move at the same time, unless its a stiff object, but the 3 links here lag behind. And again not at the same time. The first link will drive the second link, and the second link will drive the third and so on. Just think if they had personalities and the were just chillin in their spots having a good time and all of a sudden their driving forces start to move. They won't be ready. They are like, "Hey man! I'm not ready, but let me catch up!" Something to think about!

Week 5- Obstacle Course

My bad! Its been a couple weeks since my last post. So...Week 5! This is our first chance to do some squash and stretch. We still focused on timing and wieght with the ball, but were introduced to some squash and stretch and anticipation. Got to add a little chararacter to this ball! I only got half credit before this revision, so once my mentor checks this out, lets hope for a better grade. hehe.

Week 4- Bouncing Ball Weight Test

In this Assignment, we were to create an animation portraying different wieghts between 2 balls. A feeling of a heavy ball and a light-weight ball.