Saturday, April 28, 2007

Week 4- Football Kick Due

Well I'll NEVER call it done. This thing was a beast and I could probably say this was my most difficult piece of animation yet. Selling wieght and judging the timing is so hard, but comes with practice and a little bit of trial and error. You won't get a perfect animation everytime. I will NEVER think of my animations as perfect until I'm 98 and on my dying bed. haha. Good hard assignment, this one! I'll call it done for now so I can focus on other assignments.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Week 3- Re-blocking Pass

Week 2- First Blocking Pass

Week 1- Planning my new shot!

So here are my cruddy thumbnail sketches to figure out what I'm gonna do!

I chose to put together an animatic for extra help figuring out where I'm going with this. (I know pretty cruddy, but I'm just trying to give my self the most info to go off of)

Friday, April 06, 2007

New Quarter and New Mentor

Welp... its on to Class 2! Body Mechanics! My new Mentor is Greg Kyle who worked at ILM for 7 years and is now at Laika. He worked on all 3 Star Wars, the Hulk, the Mummy, and most of the films they did since the first "New" Star Wars! I should be learning tons! Lucky guy gets to ride his bike to work!

Snagged him as he was thirstin for agua! Hah!

Class One ReCap!

Well Class One is over with! IT.... WAS.... AWESOME! I didn't only get personally taught by Ray Chase who is currently working on Transformers, I got SO MUCH MORE! We get weekly 1hr class sessions that usually go over the time limit. We talk about everything animation. We get weekly lecture videos going deep into the arm pits of animation, stuff the old school animators came up with themselves! The inovators, the inventors of this stuff. They came up with most of the animation principles and gave them terms for us to understand! So we dove into all that, stepping it up more and more each week! Plus! I got to watch over everyone's work and see thier personal critiques from other mentors! Plus! The students share tips and tricks with each other and help each other out with our assignments through-out the week to get ready to submit the final animation so you do the best you can do before getting rammed by a person that has SO MUCH experience! Naa they are cool! They just don't sugar-coat anything! They will go deep into your assignment and point out not only what's wrong but what you did good! SO YA! I learned TONS!!! AM is the BOMB!

Thursday, April 05, 2007