Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dialogue Shot (First Blocking Pass)

I think I'm getting there! Whatcha think!


Sunday, August 12, 2007


Siggraph was sah-weeet!!! I ran into some of my Animation Mentor class-mates as well as the founders, Bobby, Shawn, and Carlos! The AM booth was bigger and better this year! It was crowded there the whole day! Big recruiters stopped by to see the latest work students were doing!

The AM/Reel FX party was PACKED!!! You could barely get around, but I managed to meet so many cool people and have a couple drinks!!! I was there chatting as the place was closing!

I must have walked 100 miles through-out the week! San Diego is such a cool city and the weather was perfect!

Me and Spike!!! (I should have smiled)

Some Very Talented Individuals!

Samson Ledesma, Russell Adkisson, Toby Cochran, Nathan Engelhardt, and half of Cliff Ward's head! :)

Toby Cochran and I

Toby Cochran and Anthony Hamilton (crazy guys!)

Dominic Doan and I

Some more random pics of San Diego/Siggraph

Friday, August 03, 2007

Well I suppose...

This will be the reel I'll be taking with my to Siggraph! I wish I could have gotten at least one dialogue shot with AM's Bishop Rig, but I'm not too worried about my reel at the moment. I'm just gonna have fun, meet people, and check out cool new stuff to geek out to! Gonna be fun! I'll post an update on how the trip goes!