Monday, September 22, 2008

Update from my first day!

Well my first day was awesome! It wasn't really different from last time! It didn't take me very long to get acquainted with familiar folks and then I got to meet some new talented hires as well! It'll be a blast! No training test this time, just gonna get comfortable with the system and workflow and I'll be thrown into the firey pits of pressure! haha.

Thanks for stopping by bloggers! Hope all is well with everyone!


mitch_yager said...

hey Dude Glad stuff is goin good for ya Havent talked to you in while hope all goes well at Blue sky for round 2 cya bud

Ryan Hobbiebrunken said...

Mitch! What up dude! Thanks dude! How are things goin for you man!

Mitch Yager said...

good man still animating, headin to class 4 now hows new york this time around?